Facilities Management

Our Facilities Management division was established to manage property assets on behalf of our customers and offers this service to all commercial and industrial property owners. We currently manage an extensive property portfolio made up of a number of commercial and industrial properties.

We see ourselves as an extension of our client’s business and provide the expertise and knowledge required to manage commercial buildings on their behalf.

We believe facilities and property management compliment each other, therefore our teams work closely together to ensure both hard services (air conditioning, lighting, security etc) and soft services (cleaning, contractor management, rental accounting etc) are managed simultaneously.

We also understand the frustration that occupants face when the environment they work in doesn’t operate efficiently. This is why we undertake regular preventative maintenance on buildings we manage to minimise the types of faults which often cause disruption in the first instance.

In the event that occupants do face disruption we have protocols in place to enable prompt response times to ensure they continue to operate their businesses and do not lose valuable productivity.

We also have a 24 hour call out support service which ensures we are available to respond regardless of what day or time the fault occurs on.

How do we ensure our client’s needs are met?

We offer a service which is tailored to the needs of our clients who have the option of one or a number of the following:
  • Planning and management of all maintenance services
  • Operational outgoings accounting
  • Rental accounting
  • Tenancy management services and tenancy fit outs
  • Comprehensive reporting to owner as required
  • Tenancy sales and leasing service
  • Planning and supervision of building and tenancy refurbishments
  • Management of all service contractors
  • 24 hour call out support
For more information regarding any of our properties under management or to find out how we can manage your property contact us.