Capital Corporation
always strives for excellence,
we cannot afford to lose reputation,
even a shred.

About Capital Corporation

Capital Corporation is a leading Australian property development and investment company, backed by an impressive track record and solid investment portfolio.

Our diversified approach has led us to complete numerous projects including commercial, industrial, retail and quality residential developments.


We create high quality developments, combining design trends with commercial needs that are aligned with efficient features which work to improve the environment of building occupants.

We ensure our clients; partners and community receive real value with every project undertaken, and a maximum return on investment for all stakeholders.

We also offer our clients and occupants wide-ranging building management and maintenance services ensuring property investments maintain their high standard and appeal.


Our director group consists of Steve Grant, Garry Lingard, Richard de Carvalho and Vicki Edler who between them have over 100 years of industry experience and knowledge. Their expertise ensures we manage and mitigate risks to provide a successful outcome.

The long serving management team has to date professionally delivered successful investment properties with a total value nearing AU$1 billion.


Capital Corporation maintains our status as a market leading property developer by striving for excellence in everything we undertake. Our team continually searches for innovative ways to deliver developments that offer the latest technological and environmental solutions to offer occupants an exciting working environment. By delivering buildings which incorporate the latest technology and consider the environment we also provide our occupants with an opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to social responsibility.


We seek out partners who share our passion for excellence and work together to deliver outstanding results many of which are showcased within this profile. Our undertaking is to work with partners, who share our vision and common characteristics of trust, honesty, flexibility and co-operation at all levels.

We aim to not only exceed the expectations of joint venture partners, but to maximise the value of the final product and therefore the return on that investment as demonstrated in past developments where we have continually raised and set industry benchmarks.